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Is Fat Loss The Same As Weight Loss? Here's What Nutritionist Has To Say

Here's is Fat Loss The Same As Weight Loss ?

Weight loss versus fat loss:

What Nutritionist Has To Say , Much or a lot has already been said and done about weight loss.
But is it just the weight we should focus on?
Certainly not!
When it's management comes to weight control, many of the body's milestones parameters are counted as a percentage of fat, lean muscle mass, body water and metabolism.

  • Body weight is the total sum of muscle mass, fat mass, body water and bone mass
  • Preserving lean body mass is the best way to reduce fat
  • Consumption of sufficient protein is enough to build up muscle

When it comes to achieving ideal body weight through a weight loss authorities (diet ) set of rules about food and exercise,In general as a whole the focus should be on fat loss rather than weight loss. 
Oh Confusing? 
Let's simplify it by understanding the basic difference between the both weight loss and fat loss.

How is weight loss different from fat loss?

Is Fat Loss The Same As Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

Your body weight is the sum total of muscle mass, fat mass, body water and bone mass. Losing extra body weight is a result for many reasons, but sometimes losing weight can be counterproductive or can backfire. If you do this using intensive dietary methods or other shortcuts, you can lose muscle mass instead of fat, which can initially show surprising results, but the weight will recover bounce back even faster. If you are not eating enough or eating a balanced diet, you may lose muscle instead of fat first.

Fat Loss

Adding muscle mass and maintaining lean body mass is the best way to lose body fat. A certain amount of fat is necessary for the body to perform critical functions such as the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, the damping of internal organs and the supply of energy. Too much body fat can cause you to store unwanted calories and fat pound by pound can make it appear as formless and shapeless. The best way to lose fat is to create a calorie deficit and be regular with a training set of rules about food and exercise regimen.

Signs that you are losing muscles not fat

  • Your regular workouts seem more difficult instead of being mild overtime
  • You feel slow while doing regular activities
  • Low resistance and poor sense of balance
  • Your weight is stuck

Tips to ensure you lose out on excess fat and mot muscle mass

1. Don't just rely on exercising:

When you train, small tears are created in the muscles, which is normal, but in order to continue exercising daily, these muscle tissues need to repair. This is where diet plays a key role. Without giving the necessary recovery time to your muscles, you could lose strength and eventually the possibly of muscle mass.

2. Protein-up: 

Be sure to consume some form of protein with your every major and important meal. Start with a protein-rich breakfast. You can include eggs,cottage cheese, nuts, lean meat, seeds or a teaspoon of butter in your breakfast preparations. Muscle cells tend to eliminate protein every day, so replacement is also needed as well..

3. Don't drastically cut carbs: 

Carbohydrates are often seen as monsters and often cut drastically to lose weight. However, attention should not be focused on cutting carbohydrates as a whole, but should be included in rather refined and processed carbohydrates and whole grains such as ragi, whole wheat, bajra, jowar, quinoa and buckwheat. The diet for a constant supply of energy

4. Balancing cardio and strength training:

Focus on high intensity interval training (HIIT) which offers better results and greater muscle mass,instead of long and monotonous cardio. Simultaneously include strength training or weight training in your regime to maintain existing muscle mass. More importantly, keep a day of the week as a day off so that your muscles and body have enough time to rest and recover.

This crucial difference between muscle loss and fat loss is often overlooked,which
overall in general makes weight loss a vicious cycle. Excess body weight can lead and host to a variety of chronic diseases and the best way to lose it is under the guidance of health experts.

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