The 14 Best Calorie-Burning Exercises, Ranked In Order of Effectiveness

Exercises That Burn the Most Calories

Do you want to know if it's really worth it if you spend valuable time keeping yourself in shape all day?

Perhaps you have heard that some say that the heart is the best calorie burner and others swear by weightlifting.
Laura Mirina said, “We are currently here attend to consume more calories, like running and gaining weight. "However, weight or anaerobic exercise maintains excessive oxygen consumption (COPD) after exercise, or calorie consumption after training from hours to days."

Best exercises for calorie burn

The following table contains the top 12 calorie burning exercises. This exercise burns the most calories per hour. The calories listed are estimates. The exact calorie burn depends on factors such as intensity, duration and weight.

Exercise/body weight125 lbs155 lbs185 lbs
Water polo566703839
Circuit training480596710
Jump rope453562671
Stationary bicycling420520622
Rowing machine420520622
Aerobic dance396492587
Swimming (casual)396492587

The reason why weight training prolongs the calorie burning effect is that the higher the intensity, the more oxygen the body needs after training to restore and heal muscles, Later she said, "Muscles are the most important metabolic and active tissue in human body."
"You can make more money in the long running by choosing sports that increase the impact of your burns."so the more we eat, the more effective we are to burn calories throughout the day."

If so, which exercise consumes the most calories correctly?

These 14 activities are some of the most effective burners. (Note: According to the guidelines of the American Sports of College Medicine, calorie burning is estimated at 125 pounds and 185 pounds. It's not science.

Mirina's "Combustion Bonus" tip and New York City's John C.S.C.S. choose to further increase the impact of subsequent burns.

1. Jumping Rope

Burns: 667-990 calories / hour (if you jump at 120 jumps per minute)
Further burns: As a result, this little rope is actually a big fat burner.
You can use weight and rope skipping to hang more of your arms and shoulders.

2. Running Up Hills/Stair Sprints

Burn: 639-946 calories / hour.
Additional burns: "Additional burns: "I want to try everything  at a possible speed that can only be maintained for about 20 seconds on the stairs or hills. Continue the recovery run at half the sprint intensity, and double the time." Mirina: The harder you try during a sprint, the bigger the COPD.

3. Kickboxing

Burn:582-864 Calories / Hour
Extra bonus: keep a break between kick punching and very short kicks by yourself or during class. Rest for 30 seconds every 90 seconds per battle.

4. Cycling Intervals

Burn: 568-841 Calories / Hour
Additional burns: Traveling at constant high intensity results in higher COPD compared to low intensity steady-state trips, but adding more high intensity intervals throughout the training period increases after burns.

5. Running

Burns: 566-839 calories / hour (10 minutes / mile)
Additional burning: After running at a constant speed, you continue to burn additional calories throughout the day.
A trainee says he adds a short race to his career so he can do more during and after his workout. It's a good idea to maintain a 2: 1 work-to-rest ratio to help get the most burns. For example, if you run for 60 seconds, you walk for 30 seconds.

6. Kettlebell Circuit

Burn: 554-822 Calories / Hour
Extra bonus: Trainee says the HIIT circuit using kettlebells can keep afterburning for 36 hours after leaving the gym. For best results, create a fluid circuit and do not stop between each movement. I encourages you to continue exercising longer by switching between upper and lower body exercises. Create a swing set with kettlebells, kettlebells and squats and kettlebells press. Then rest 15 to 20 seconds after completing all three moves.

7. Stationary Bike

Burn: 498-738 calories / hour (at strong speed)

Additional Combustion: To get the most burns, My Trainee says he starts with intense pedaling for 10 seconds (over 100 RPM) and a 50 second rest. Then go to a 15 second sprint and a 45 second rest, then perform a 20 second sprint on a 40 second sprint. Do not forget to increase your resistance as you progress.

8. Rowing Machine

Image: 481-713 calories / hour (at 150 watts, can be checked on the machine)

Additional Combustion: Paddle at a quick interval of 1 minute (150 watts) for maximum calorie burning, alternating squats, push-ups and irons, with an active break of 30 to 60 seconds.

9. Stairs

Burn: 452-670 calories / hour (when 77 steps / minute goes)

Extra bonus: whether you're working on a stair master or through a city, climbing the stairs to Rocky is a good combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. To increase your bet, keep a weight of 1-5 pounds on each hand so that the upper part of your body is also lifted.

10. Strength Training

Image: 341-504 Calories / Hour

Additional burns: Mirina says, they will increase postmortem burns by depleting muscles in each series without stopping at any repeat range, such as 10 or 12. It also focuses on complex exercises that use more muscle groups for more joints. According to her, COPD will be triggered by exchanging exercises such as biceps for squats and abs for cleaning.

11. Metabolic Resistance Training Circuit

Burn: 340-505 calories / hour.

Additional burns: In normal circuits, each series is kept at maximum intensity, then a long rest. However, the "metabolic resistance training" method requires you to maintain high (but less than maximum) intensity throughout the training, without having to rest between sets throughout the session. Mirina said the study found that reducing the interval between breaks would increase COPD. "If you did 5 different weight exercises for 30 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest, reduce the rest to 10 seconds."

12. Elliptical

Burn: 322-478 calories / hour (resistance level 8)

Burn Bonus: If you are looking for a better burn, do not keep the same rhythm as long as you are on an elliptical machine. Change your inclination and resistance level to keep it interesting and challenging.

13. Battle Ropes

Image: 285-421 Calories / Hour

Additional bonus: As part of the circuit or alone, rope weight exercise will burn a lot of calories, Mirina says.

“One study found that using three 30-second battle rope series cost more acute energy (during training) than three sets of 10 squats with moderate loads. To burn more, do 5 top blows for 30 seconds. For each round try more repetitions than the previous round.

14. Power Yoga

Burn: 226-335 calories / hour.

Burn Bonus: Join the Bin Yasa Energy Flow rating to get the most burns. Trainee says, “Forced-driven practice in which breathing is combined with exercise is the most damaged place.

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