Heard of skin fasting?

Heard of skin fasting?

Skin Fast is a Japanese cosmetic breakthrough that has become popular on social media. This encourages you not to put skin on your skin, which detoxifies and breathes it. It is thought that you do not have enough natural skin on your skin. As a result, this leads to dry skin. Cosmetics experts are weighing on the pros and cons of this new breakthrough in the field of beauty.

How it all began...

The original idea of ​​skin care is one of the most important ingredients of the skin. The reason is that it would help normalize the secretion of natural oil on the skin, weakened or suppressed by excessive hydration. As for dry skin, it is recommended to apply a skin that is more moisturizing and less moisturizing to oily. However, this idea was taken up by one or more people, two or three days.

"There seems to be some misinformation about the exact definition of" fasting skin, "says Patel Patel, a dermatologist. People claimed to refrain completely from skincare products,
which was not the original idea. Complete cessation of skin care products, sun burns, dry skin, cutaneous intolerance, acne, etc. "

She adds that she must follow a good path to take good care of her skin. It should consist of a cleanser, sunscreen, a cream and a night cream. The night cream is necessary because it helps to repair the damage that occurs during the day. This is specially prescribed by a dermatologist based on an individual's skin care and not necessarily a moisturizer.

Why is this extreme version of skin fasting not perfect ideal?

Like our body, our skin also needs daily nutrition and repair, depriving it of its skin. Dr. Batool said, "For example, skipping has rashes or sun allergy, skipping with an antioxidant night cream prevents the skin from regenerating quickly, and to treat acne or pigmentation. eliminating the nighttime routine can increase anxiety.For those who have recently had facial skin, a post-treatment skin care plan is needed to continue repairing the skin.Moreover, no major scientific research seems to to prove the benefits of fasting skin.

The dermatologist agrees with Dr Gita Fazlboi's opinion: "There is growing concern that many people are eating too many skin products and are not giving the skin time to heal and heal. that is why this extreme version of the cutaneous fast continues. It is wise to limit the daily use of skin products. For those who wish to try this version of the fasting skin, I recommend it to a lesser extent and a mild soap-free cleanser every day. "

Say no to excessive moisturizing hydration

"Completely getting rid of skin products can only exacerbate certain skin conditions such as acne," says Dr. Sama Rais, a dermatologist and cosmetologist. "Instead, people should avoid the pores and cause the leak .. Apply sunscreen every day.Before going out, apply one or two creams rather than moisturizing too much."
In simple terms, fasting skin is like an extreme diet that can ultimately be more harmful than good.

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