Ultra-Processed Foods Cause Weight Gain, New Study –

Ultra-Processed Foods Cause Weight Gain, New Study –

New thought-provoking study finds that not all calories are created equal.

I am one of the best people who promotes the quality of their calorie choices to help people lose weight and maintain it, but now a new study by the National Institutes of Health supports this by discovering that eating super processed foods can lead to weight gain.

In a carefully controlled study published in the metabolic cell, researchers randomized people to consume whole or unprocessed foods or super processed foods that were identical to calories, sugar, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and sodium. 
Basically, the only difference between the two diets decreased to the level of treatment.

Results? People who ate super processed foods weighed more than the two-week study, while people who ate whole unprocessed foods lost weight.

That is great news for years, we only had speculation about
The relationship between super processed foods and obesity. 
But now we have Strict empirical evidence to explain it in a small and very good way.
Controlled study

Why gain weight? 

People eat more than super processed foods. Presumably, they may not cause satiety like unprocessed foods, and there are many studies that suggest this. In fact, one study analyzed apple satiety versus apple sauce versus apple juice. 
As you can imagine, the apple was the most convenient while the sauce was between it and the juice was less satisfying. This is the net effect of the processing.

In Brazil, dietary guidelines in the province specifically recommend limiting super processed foods.

Note: Most people gain weight because they eat and drink more calories than they do in daily movements and body functions. But in some cases, the main cause of your weight gain is health.

Although we haven't got there, here are some wise tips: 

  1. Enjoy meals and snacks that consist primarily of vegetarian foods that are minimally processed.
  2. Enjoy super processed foods sometimes (several times a month).
  3. Eat outside several times a week, since many of the foods served outside the home are super processed.
According to a new study, filling dishes with ultra-processed foods seems to make people eat more and gain weight.

According to this study, super processed foods tend to go through a series of manufacturing steps and refer to products that contain ingredients resulting from industrial food manufacturing, such as hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and agents. Fragrances and emulsifiers. .

For example, an ultra-processed breakfast can consist of bagels with cream cheese and turkey bacon, and an unprocessed breakfast can include oatmeal with bananas, nuts and skim milk.

The study, published in the Journal of Cell Metabolism on May 16, targeted 20 healthy volunteers who spent about a month in the laboratory for about a month at the National Center for Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland, and prepared for them. did. Participants were randomly assigned to thatched diets or diets of minimally processed foods for two weeks and then switched to the opposite diet for two weeks. It should be noted that the meals of both groups had approximately the same amount of calories, sugar, fiber, fat and carbohydrates. The participants were able to eat as much as they wanted.

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