Foods to eat and avoid when hungover

Medical News Today: Foods to eat and avoid when hungover

Abominable is a group of symptoms that usually occur after excessive alcohol consumption.
The symptoms of hate vary from person to person. However, most people suffer headaches, fatigue and irritability.
 Nausea and excessive thirst are also common. The severity of these symptoms is usually related to the amount of alcohol a person consumes.

Many people claim that certain foods and drinks can cure leftovers. Although there is no real "remedy" for waste, research suggests that some foods may help relieve unpleasant symptoms.

This article describes the best foods to eat during a headache. We also dispel some common myths about unpleasant treatments and offer advice on the best way to prevent a headache.

Some foods and drinks can help relieve unpleasant symptoms. Discover what to eat and drink and what to avoid when you are hungry.

Best foods and drinks for a hangover


Eggs and avocados are toasted, which is one of the best odious meals.
Eggs and avocados are among the best foods to eat during food waste.
Eggs are a good source of nutrients and contain simple proteins that are particularly mild to the stomach.

This can be especially important on the morning of a hangover, when a person has nausea and digestive disorders.

People should avoid eating eggs with fatty foods, such as butter, oil or fatty meat. Oils can increase sensitive stomach upset.


Bananas contain a good amount of potassium. Eating bananas will help replenish your body's potassium levels after a night of excessive consumption.

Bananas also contain fiber and sugar. Fiber promotes digestion and can relieve the symptoms of digestion; Sugar provides the energy a person needs to start the day.


Avocado is another excellent source of potassium and calories for anyone who needs a boost in the morning. However, some people may find that fats in avocados irritate their digestive system.


Many people see oatmeal as the ideal food for waste. This is because oats contain many nutrients that alcohol depletes from the body.

As noted by the National Nutrient Database of the United States Department of Agriculture, oats contain nutrients and minerals such as:

4.Vitamins B,
such as niacin and folic acid
Oatmeal also contains useful anti-inflammatory fibers called beta-glucans. Foods with anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce the inflammation associated with the effects of alcohol.

Adding bananas, dates or honey to the porridge will provide extra energy for the next day.

Dark and leafy greens

Sauteed spinach with garlic in a clay pot
Dark leafy vegetables can help with diarrhea or constipation by drinking too much wine.
Leafy and dark vegetation is among the most nutritious foods available. They contain a variety of nutrients, amino acids and minerals. These help the body recover from the effects of alcohol.

Dark leafy vegetables also tend to be a good source of fiber. Fiber can help with some digestive problems, such as diarrhea or constipation, that can be caused by drinking alcohol.

Adding spinach to the tortilla is a quick and easy way to eat vegetables on an abominable morning.

Healthy carbohydrates

Carb snacks are generally easy for people to digest and provide the body with a quick source of energy. This is especially useful during a hangover, when a person feels upset and tired.

Some simple carbohydrates, such as toast, bread, or regular crackers, provide energy while they are mild to the stomach.

However, people should be careful to avoid excessively rich foods or carbohydrates, such as french fries. These can irritate the sensitive digestive system.


Alcohol acts as a diuretic, which means that it makes the person urinate more. This excess urination can easily lead to a simple dryness.

Dehydration can cause unpleasant headache symptoms, such as headaches and severe thirst. Staying wet is one of the best ways to prevent and mitigate waste.

Soda water

A 2016 study investigated whether drinking some non-alcoholic beverages along with alcohol would promote alcohol metabolism in mice. Soda water was one of the drinks that accelerated alcohol metabolism and helped prevent liver damage caused by alcohol.

Soda water helps the liver break down secondary alcohols inside the body. Usually, these byproducts lead to unpleasant symptoms.

Water with natural gas also contains sodium and other minerals. These help regenerate electrolyte levels after dehydration.

Green Tea

If a person has an upset stomach the day after drinking, they may want to avoid a cup of coffee in the morning. Drinks high in caffeine can increase stomach upset. Green tea can be a much better alternative.

Green tea was a non-alcoholic beverage that accelerated alcohol metabolism in a previous 2016 study. Like soda water, it also helps prevent liver damage caused by alcohol.

Fruit or plant juices

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices contain not only water, but also high levels of nutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes. These can be particularly beneficial for the body, since it recovers from a night of drinking.

(A 2016 study investigated the effects of various fruits on alcohol metabolism in mice. Mice that consumed lemon juice, stellar fruit and pear juice showed a significant decrease in blood alcohol concentration.)
The researchers suggested that these fruits may help prevent headaches and other side effects of excessive alcohol consumption.
(A 2018 study found that a specific combination of fruit and vegetable juice reduces some unpleasant symptoms in healthy adults.)

 The juice mixture consists of:

Pear juice

Green grape juice
A shitapa juice, a plant from the carrot family
A group of participants drank the juice mixture 30 minutes before drinking alcohol, while the control group drank water. Participants who drank the juice mixture were less likely to experience headaches and thirst. They also showed a marked decrease in blood alcohol levels compared to the control group.

It is not clear if these fruits are beneficial this morning after an intense episode of alcohol consumption. However, the water, sugar and minerals found in the fruit will help relieve dehydration.

Electrolytic drinks

During the hangover, many people turn to rehydration drinks, such as Pedialyte. This is rich in electricity.

For convenience, some people turn to electrolytes and sports drinks, such as Gatorade and Powerade. Like Pedialyte, these contain essential electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium. However, most sports drinks also contain a great help of sugar and calories.

As a healthy alternative, people can experience natural coconut water. A 2012 study found that coconut water and sports drinks were equally effective in the treatment of dehydration.

What to avoid:

There are some myths about alcohol and alcohol residues. Not only is the following statements unlikely to address the hateful, but they can even make it worse. Therefore, people should avoid the following:

Drink more alcohol in the morning

Some people suggest that the best remedy for leftovers is to drink more alcohol upon waking. It is likely that this theory is based on the fact that the symptoms of a prostitute tend to appear with low levels of alcohol in the blood.

While drinking more alcohol can provide temporary relief for alcohol waste, it can delay food waste. Once the body processes the alcoholic beverage, the person is likely to return to hunger.

Eat fatty foods

Eating fatty foods can help delay the absorption of alcohol in the blood. However, this method is only useful if a person eats fatty foods before drinking alcohol.

Eating fatty foods the next morning can alter your sensitive digestive system, making food waste worse.

Prevention tips

Two women in a bar enjoy a glass of water.
Drinking a glass of water for alcohol can help prevent headaches.
While some foods can help treat headaches, it is probably best to prevent the onset of a headache in the first place. 

Here are some tips to prevent headaches:

Stay hydrated:A Good guideline is to drink a glass of water per alcoholic beverage overnight.

Eating before drinking: Eating heavier foods before drinking can delay the absorption of alcohol in the body. This can reduce

Sleep: the unpleasant effects can be worse if you don't get enough sleep. People should aspire to sleep all night after drinking.


Many foods and drinks can help reduce alcohol waste. The best options are those that hydrate the body, regenerate lost electrolytes and provide energy during digestion.

Other preventive methods include eating before drinking alcohol and drinking plenty of water in addition to alcoholic beverages.
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