With 4 things, life will be blurry!

Listen to these 4 things, life will be blurry!

A healthy body is a man's wealth. If it is there, the benefits will be followed by the rest.

  • What if you are sick?
  • What's the matter then?

Healthy body can only be healthy. A healthy nation is a wealth of people. Here are four things to keep your mental health -

1. Food

The diet that is eaten in a health care system is an important part. Including daily diet, fruits and vegetables will help in health. Be careful to eat low-fat foods. This will cure diseases like cancer.

2. Control weight

It's a problem with a lot of people. The risk is high for high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

3. Exercise

Lack of life is the cause of most illness. Exercise to invite illnesses. Develop the habit of exercising everyday.

4. Give up smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking will cripple your health. Smoking causes cancer and lung disease. It not only affects the smokers, but also others who breathe smoke.

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